Halloween 2014 at Simply Thank You

Halloween has arrived and it’s Simply spooky…


Twas the night of Halloween and the street filled with screams,

The house where they knocked she had no Jelly Beans!

Children tricked and they treated, to left and to right,

When suddenly they saw – over there, look – a light.

It smells like candy but looks Jack o’ Lantern,

Another is adorned with witches and phantoms….

The neighbours have lit them all up on the mantel,

To celebrate the night, the Halloween Yankee Candle! Continue reading


Our Top 2014 Gifts for Mum this Christmas

Ah, Mum – she can be a tough one to buy for can’t she? Maybe you’ve got the Mum who has everything, or the one who never gives you a clue about what she’d secretly love to find under the tree.

Not to worry! Here at Simply Thank You we’ve got something for everyone. Luckily, we’re also experts in selecting lovely gifts for the people in your life, so we’ve put together our top ten suggestions for Mum’s Christmas present.

But if you can’t find something she’ll love from our list, get browsing through the Simply Thank You catalogue, and leave us a comment letting us know what you chose. Who knows, it might make the top ten list for next year! Continue reading

choc tea

The Non-Drinker’s Guide to Gifting

Food and drink are always popular choices for gifting. A little taste of luxury, unusual tipples and a box of nibbles that you can’t get on the high street are almost guaranteed to put a smile on any face.

But the numbers of people ditching the booze are on the rise, and for a non-drinker there’s nothing more disappointing than opening that big, sparkly box to reveal a bottle of unwanted fizzy. Continue reading

Flower Giving Through the Ages

Flower Giving Through the Ages

Flower Giving Through the Ages

We regularly give flowers to celebrate a birthday, mark a milestone, give congratulations, or say we’re sorry. A beautiful bouquet is a sure fire way to put a smile on the face of someone we love, and recent studies have even proven that flowers do make us happier – so let’s give flowers just because we can.

But did you know that the tradition of giving flowers dates back thousands of years?

Paradise Flower Bouquet
Paradise Flower Bouquet

Cave people gave flowers! Flower remains have been uncovered in Neanderthal burial sites, a funeral tradition which we still practice today.

Other ancient civilisations placed importance on floral symbols too, and the evidence is frequently found in folklore and artefacts from Ancient China and Egypt. Flowers were said to have expressed feelings, while others had medicinal qualities.

Seville Flower Bouquet
Seville Flower Bouquet

In Ancient Greece, some blossoms even represented Gods and Goddesses – Greek mythology frequently references flowers as deities in their earthly form, while in Ancient Rome, mortals of high importance were crowned with wreaths of leaves and blossom to mark their significance.

During the 1800s, French and British adopted a custom observed in Turkey: assigning meaning to flowers and bouquets given as gifts. Books and dictionaries were written on floriography, ‘The Science of Sweet Things.’

A Language of the Flowers was created, which gave each flower’s meaning, and even included grammar rules for arranging and presenting a bouquet to create the desired message.

The tradition was wholeheartedly assumed by the Victorians, who never publicly expressed emotions. Instead, they would go to great effort in arranging their bouquets into implied feelings, and the Language of the Flowers was rigidly followed.

Fast forward to today, and we still reference the language of the flowers. Red roses for a lover, pink germini for a friend. Although, it’s widely accepted here at Simply Thank You that your chosen flower bouquet should mean whatever you like!